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October 25, 2013


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Digital art: good to know/tutorials PART_1

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 25, 2013, 6:13 AM

Hey, hey cupcakes! :tighthug:

PART_2 ! General

So... this is the first part in featuring some extremely useful tutorials which can be found on DA (and some from off-site as well). This one isn't limited on digital art only, but the rest will be. I wanted to post everything in one journal, but theres 200 thumbnail limit, sooo yeah :XD: I decided to divide everything in following categories: sketching/referencing/anatomy etc, General, blending, steps, color, perspective/Composition/value, Walkthrough, nose, hair, skin, photoshop/wacom, brushes, eyes, lips, textures, ears, fabric/clothes, environment, misc (how to paint water, fire, rocks, rain, clouds, pearls etc. ). This one is about Sketching/referencing/anatomy etc.. In every journal I will also include some interesting videos that I think you should check out :nod: And, if you know about some tutorials that can be helpful to other artists, note me, thank you :heart:
Ppl who suggested a few tuts: Yodon, RetSamys, DonguriArt ty :heart:

DanLuVisiArt VENOM WORK IN PROGRESS - by DanLuVisiArt painting video clip, dl his brushes here:

For more visit and their youtube channel:…

Sketching/referencing/anatomy etc.
female body reference by wynnter89Basic male utter body tut by Destinyfall
GDG's Drawing Tips-Mr. Sticks by Golden-Dragon-GirlFoot Study by TwilightsDontutorial. by dark-liz
Quick Facial Anatomy Tips by SmirtouilleFemale Figure Painting Tutorial by Andantonius
BoPD: anatomy by dixycupAnatomies Collection by JackEavesArtAnatomy Sketches by JackEavesArt
Basic Animal Anatomy by MajnounaCatalogue of Human Features by MajnounaGuide to Human Types part 3 by Majnouna
Guide to Human Types part 2 by MajnounaGuide to Human Types part 1 by MajnounaEmotions and Facial Expression by Majnouna
Guide to Movement1:Flexibility by MajnounaDrawing Feet by MajnounaDrawing Hands by Majnouna
Big Guide to Drawing the Body by MajnounaArms and Hands Tutorial by SnigomFemale Anatomy Patterns by Snigom
Arms and Hands Tutorial by SnigomMale Anatomy Patterns by SnigomUnique Features Tutorial: Pt 2 by jeinu
dynamic pose tutorial part 1 by DotWork-Studiodynamic pose tutorial part 2 by DotWork-StudioAbout Artworks - Flash Tutorial by Drakhonheart
Face for Everyone by gothic-icecreamDigital Painting Tips by ToySkunkButt Bellybutton rule by OrenK
How to Draw Female Characters by Fadura-lottiART STUDY-DUMP 01 by FOERVRAENGDART STUDY-DUMP 03 by FOERVRAENGD
ART STUDY-DUMP 02 by FOERVRAENGDExpressions- Mouth + Jaw by JenPenJenTutorial: Male Torso - Front by KrisCynical
nose and lips - sketch tut by GriffinflyAbdomination: How to draw beef by CoelasquidExpress guide: Figure drawing by Majnouna
Guide to Human Types part 1 by MajnounaGuide to Human Types part 2 by MajnounaGuide to Human Types part 3 by Majnouna
Emotions and Facial Expression by Majnounamini anatomy tutorial by sashas-Hands Tutorial- by odduckoasis
-Foot Tutorial- by odduckoasis-Anatomy Tutorial- by odduckoasisAnatomy Guide - Part 1 by Penumbra-Ex
Part 2 - Male + Female Anatomy by Penumbra-ExFace Drawing Tutorial by hel999Tutorial : Drawing Hands by Zue
Leg Anatomy Tutorial (Version 2) by Jeff-HBasic Expression Tutorial by Jeff-HGesture and Curvature Tutorial by Jeff-H
Advanced Mouth Anatomy Tutorial - Part 1 by Jeff-HArm Anatomy Tutorial by Jeff-HFacial structure tutorial 1 by DayDawnDusk
Figure Drawing Tips: Female by scruffyroninTutorial: Feet and Shoes by TysheaThe Easy Breast Tutorial by Nuei
head_proportions_tutorial. by Lady2GDG Drawing Tips: Hands, Feet by Golden-Dragon-GirlProportions Guide by FOERVRAENGD
UNDERSTANDING ANATOMY: VII by FOERVRAENGDHand and Fingers Resource Tutorial by ConceptCookieTOW-8 Anatomy of a Pose by verticalfish
Anatomy of the leg: grand tour by Zedna7Hands Tutorial by JohnYumeMALE ANATOMY by kanapy-art
Simplify Human Anatomy guide by sakimichan Torso Tutorial: ZC Style by ZaidaCrescent

Female anatomy by Precia-TSimple Female Body Tutorial by deli-YuTUTO - face and perspective by the-evil-legacy
TUTO - Hands by the-evil-legacyFemale Tutorial by MascaraStoryusing gesture in drawings by gurukitty
Profile anatomy tutorial by IyouAnatomy tutorial for beginners by RyMantysfemale figure tutorial 1 by Aeolus06
Body's tutorials 2 by CalizaaHow To Draw Women by TArthurSmithThe Rynnay-way: Ears + Eyes by Rynnay
Hair line reference by randychenThe most random face tutorial by Out-of-the-rainFace Patterns Tutorial by Snigom
Tutorial- Pose and Body by FyuvixStep x Step Tutorial: Eyes by bommieTutorial: Basic figure drawing by Rynnay
Anatomy tutorial by SiSeroBasic Female Torso Tutorial by timflanaganrelationships and neg. space by Marker-GuruHand tutorial by shicmap

And special thank you to all those artists :heart:


Commander Shepard by MagicnaAnaviDia de los Muertos by MagicnaAnaviJinx by MagicnaAnavi

Contest/Commissions ad

If you are hosting a contest, or you are open for commissions, feel free to send me note about it, and I will add info here in my journal.

lemmingluv is accepting commissions, more info here:
beng-beng-chan is hosting a Magical World Contest (1000 points), more info here
lorrainer is accepting commissions, more info here:
CathleenTarawhiti is hosting a Book cover challenge - Charlotte, more info here

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